the 4th

“we had the date marked on our calendar forever”… as Dierks sings.

The anticipation of the countdown to our tropical island getaway was something, being there was something else.  It was real, it was happening, we are here but it doesn’t feel real, this is a dream, wait no its real and then its over.  Isla Mujeres, Mexico – a small island (only 5 miles in length) 30 minutes off the coast of Cancun.  Recommended by friends we had been planning and packing and planning for months.  We arrived and were blown away.  Our honeymoon was fantastic, a different, non-tropical getaway to downtown Charleston, SC…so this was our first tropical vacation together.   It was a dream come true, the best experience.

Our hotel was amazing, The room was top notch, a small townhouse.  Service, the best.  Drinks never stopped flowing.  Food was acceptable, maybe the only downside to the all inclusive.  We did the snobby, foodie aspect in Charleston!  Sun, sand and tequila this go around.

Wish I took my camera out more.  We purchased an underwater case for the iphone, which we used ALL the time so my canon took the back seat this trip…wont forget next time.



Ice Cold

With the temperatures dropping and hovering in the single digits, large quantities of water have sufficient time to freeze.  This rain barrel running off one of our downspouts got knocked over and I discovered the largest ice cube Ive seen in a while.  The cylindrical shaped frozen water was pretty, the sun sparkling through the millions of bubbles and sharp edges.  I got the camera and watched ice melt for a little while…



Thanks for letting us all come to your birthday party young lady!  Happy 1st Birthday…






I always told Leslie’s mom that I had “dibbs” on doing her eldest younger daughter’s senior photos.  This was just for fun and fun was what we had.  A nice close to another elation filled weekend.  Leslie is an amazing young lady.  Smart, beautiful, funny, witty, and lover of animals!  Whether she becomes a model or a veterinarian will be a flip of the coin…

Hair Today


I love my wife’s hair style.  Especially when, as it is now, short.  We first met and while we dated, heather’s hair was edgy, short and different.  Slowly it grew out and she told me how she always envisioned it being long, as it had become, for our wedding.  It looked great, was great and I constantly joked with her when going to her stylist that she would cut it.  One day I thought she might change it back to being how I adored it once again.  That she did.  She surprised me one date night!  We met at a favorite spot, I walked in knowing she was already there.  As I looked about the crowd, one thing stood out.  Though I had dismissed that first “lady” i saw as not being my wife as I walked by I recognized her very familiar blue and orange kate spade purse.  So I turned around and realized it was her.  She cut it off, well most of it and it was that amazing short and sassy look i love.

Heather was sitting on the couch and i caught sight of the back of her hair and this necklace.  An interesting contrast, wavy, red hair and this monochrome shirt and necklace with repeating lines or rows.  Hold it, I told her.  Dont move…ran to get the canon!

She has amazing hair, I think.  The cut, the color (though not real) its my favorite just like this old time gangster movie that takes place in the bronx!

A Kid Again


Its always fun having family visit.  Especially family that has little ones.  Not having any [human] children of our own its an interesting glimpse on what it will be like.  These kids are the best, the worst and everything in between.  I imagine my resume as a child was not far off that mark.  It was nice to spend the long weekend playing, remembering what it was like being a child.  No cares in the world other than what the next fun activity will be.  It took me back and I surely enjoyed that visit.  Look forward to the next one…

Walking the Woods


walking is one of my favorite things to do with our getting up there in age black lab. i kid, she recently turned 4 and has more gray hairs than i but still a pup. provoking me each weekend morning to take her out on a walk, even now that she has her very own fenced in yard.  not the same i guess.  we go around our block which is mostly paved but with an area dug out for future homes we have a nature path that leads us into the woods.  left for scrap, trash, broken construction parts waiting to one day find their way to a dumpster. i find a treasure in the remnants and the nature that encompasses it. muddy but fun we wind our way through and take a breath of the fresh, crisp air…



Lots of firsts happening for us;  First Christmas in the new house, first Christmas being married, first Christmas having family over in the new house.  Soon it will be our first, first of a new year…you get the idea.  Blessed to have these opportunities…look forward to more and more “firsts”.

Merry Christmas!

Brother Brewmaster



My brother is a brewer.  His set up, far from crude…double keg storing chiller, bottles, sealer, buckets, hops, yeast.  Everything you need.  Its cool, its something that happens in your basement or garage.  A natural process to create whatever your pallet craves.  I have always been interested but for a long time envisioned the only way this took place was via a beer brewing kit you found in the skymall catalogue.  Yeah, there is a lot more to it.

A couple months back I got married and in order to help us celebrate we brought along a few cases of one of my favorite beers;  Yazoo Pale Ale.  Yep, straight out of Nashville.  A great local brew, so much fun to go to local breweries if you enjoy beer.  They tell you about the process and allow you to sample the product.  My brother Mike, already the brewer, took the initiative to attempt and replicate the Yazoo concoction.  His plan originally was to keg it, drive to the wedding with it en tow.  Now that is bad ass.    That portion of the show did not, nor did i encourage that happening.  However, not a week ago arriving in a very well bundled box were several bottles of SMPA (Southern Male Pale Ale).  Instructions – let chill and settle from its long journey.  From Minnesotta to Tennessee it traveled.  Once I popped the top I dialed my brother and we discussed his hard work.  Well done sir.  I took a few pictures along the way.  If Im going to be the official photographer once he opens his brewery I figured I needed to get stared.

Cheers Mike!





Christmas Gifts




I love Christmas, always have and will.  Feel like a kid again when it gets to be this time of year.  Sitting by the Christmas tree just makes me happier.  It was about this time last year when i stumbled upon a pinterest of facebook post from a creative individual.  They took a wedding invitation, cut it into strips, rolled those up and put it inside a clear Christmas ball ornament.  Classic!  Otherwise that special keep sake sits in a drawer somewhere and you never look at it.  You know its there and will always keep it but what an amazing way to display it again during another special time.  Back to the story of the project…  Last year I found the idea and began a search for the clear glass ball ornaments.  Being right around Christmas they were difficult to find and I didnt find what I needed either online or in local shops.  I put off that aspect and concentrated on finding the invitations of my sisters’ weddings.  I contacted my parents but ended up having to involve my sisters without telling them the final result.  December rolled around on the calendar, I got a head start and searched for the ornaments.  They arrived and I completed my project in time for this Christmas.  Surprised them to say the least…mission accomplished.  Love you girls!

One more aspect of this story unfolded and surprised me.  This story I just shared with you I did one day on the phone with my father.  He thought it was a neat and creative idea and we went on to talk about other things as we do each sunday or weekend.  Later in the week a package arrived for Heather and myself.  We opened it as we were instructed by the sender.  There was something very familiar as I gazed down into the loosely tissue wrapped gift.  Familiar in a couple ways…First was the pattern and text and colors from my own wedding invitation. All curled up in little bouncy threads of paper.  The other, oh too familiar item, was how my wedding invitation, now in strips of thin paper was inside a clear, glass ball ornament ready to be hung on my very own tree!  WHAT?!  my father, that sneaky man…did he and Candy make it themselves after I had told them all about my scheme for my sisters?  He couldnt have, it was too soon.  I took to my outdated cell phone and made the call.  What is going on here, I asked.  And so their story unfolded for me.  What a surprise a very very neat surprise… a relative of ours makes them for a little shop on the Cape.  My parents saw them and ordered one right up.

merry merry CHRISTmas!