God Parents

We got a call a while back from my sister, catching up on what was new with each other.  I remember her talking over her shoulder in a muffled voice, “should we ask them now?”, Lou said.  My thoughts ran wild and quick, “what is my sister talking about”.  The mystery revealed itself when they came back over the phone and asked us to be God parents to their newest baby girl, Scarlett Antonia.  This makes the second time my youngest sister and Dave have honored me significantly when it comes to her own family, one honor with each of their gorgeous babies.  Her oldest was given my name as her middle name; Fiona Ryan.  Love it, love them, love my sister…

We made it back home for the ceremony, took a long weekend and  had a great visit.  The new house was complete, the weather was agreeable and family and friends gathered around.



kids rule your world

Some friends visited recently.  They have some pretty cute kids so I broke out the camera during the evening.  Though, not pictured here our four legged child is very ready to be and no doubt make an excellent baby sitter.  Ellie Jane just LOVES babies.  She cuddled up to the youngest one who was just laying on the couch.  Ellie wants to get as close as possible to lick and nibble his hands and face…



Tennessee Winters

Been out taking pictures because of sites we do not typically see.  We had some snow and currently are under and few inches of ice.  Finally able to make it back to work just today.  Of course schools are closed, they close down with the first hint of a single snowflake, but businesses, airlines, mass transit all have closed.  It was nice to be back but enjoyed the literal quiet time.  The image of the tree, which has become a familiar backdrop to many I take in our backyard.  Snow and ice can be so beautiful and calming but so deadly too.  Be careful out there America.


Presenting Pigs

Last year an idea come to me about making a present for my mom.  There is this pig cutting board we grew up using which evidently holds a special place in my moms heart because of who made it.    I do not recall what it was that brought this idea to me but a while later my parents were in town for a visit which led us to a well know eatery where they also have trinkets and gifts.  Mom found a couple of pig boards but they were not ideal and also not for sale.  This, further cementing in my mind I was meant to make one.  Ive been getting a little handier around the house, started with a few tools with the first house and now I build tables and built in closet systems.  I felt confident in undertaking the task.  Found a sketch of a pig, bought some tools…primarily the jig saw and last was to find the perfect wood.  I knew it would be a stretch locating it at my toy store – home depot.  After an exhaustive search around town I almost gave up…but no, not an option.  Online i went and found this great and funny company (another story).   I ended up with the perfect piece of maple I deemed necessary for my project.

It was a success and that was evident by the reaction I got of receiving the pig this week.



Christmas Cabin

It always happens, without fail, Christmas comes and goes all too fast for my liking.  Its special, makes me feel young, thankful and child-like.  Love being around family, miss not being around my own and treasure time with my wife’s side.  We usually get together after the day itself, this year we rented a cabin on a Kentucky lake.  We enjoy making memories and I love to capture them, as you well know.  We played games, lived in PJs, watched football, went for walks, tracked through mud, watched movies, exchanged presents, made great meals, sipped coffee and enjoyed the long weekend together.   The only thing missing was the, well lake, and a ping pong table (in my view).  Yeah, couldn’t believe it, the lake/river was dammed up and so we were left with “mud flats”.  Not to worry we made it work, no complaints from the dogs.


the 4th

“we had the date marked on our calendar forever”… as Dierks sings.

The anticipation of the countdown to our tropical island getaway was something, being there was something else.  It was real, it was happening, we are here but it doesn’t feel real, this is a dream, wait no its real and then its over.  Isla Mujeres, Mexico – a small island (only 5 miles in length) 30 minutes off the coast of Cancun.  Recommended by friends we had been planning and packing and planning for months.  We arrived and were blown away.  Our honeymoon was fantastic, a different, non-tropical getaway to downtown Charleston, SC…so this was our first tropical vacation together.   It was a dream come true, the best experience.

Our hotel was amazing, www.privilegehotels.com The room was top notch, a small townhouse.  Service, the best.  Drinks never stopped flowing.  Food was acceptable, maybe the only downside to the all inclusive.  We did the snobby, foodie aspect in Charleston!  Sun, sand and tequila this go around.

Wish I took my camera out more.  We purchased an underwater case for the iphone, which we used ALL the time so my canon took the back seat this trip…wont forget next time.



Ice Cold

With the temperatures dropping and hovering in the single digits, large quantities of water have sufficient time to freeze.  This rain barrel running off one of our downspouts got knocked over and I discovered the largest ice cube Ive seen in a while.  The cylindrical shaped frozen water was pretty, the sun sparkling through the millions of bubbles and sharp edges.  I got the camera and watched ice melt for a little while…



Thanks for letting us all come to your birthday party young lady!  Happy 1st Birthday…






I always told Leslie’s mom that I had “dibbs” on doing her eldest younger daughter’s senior photos.  This was just for fun and fun was what we had.  A nice close to another elation filled weekend.  Leslie is an amazing young lady.  Smart, beautiful, funny, witty, and lover of animals!  Whether she becomes a model or a veterinarian will be a flip of the coin…

Hair Today


I love my wife’s hair style.  Especially when, as it is now, short.  We first met and while we dated, heather’s hair was edgy, short and different.  Slowly it grew out and she told me how she always envisioned it being long, as it had become, for our wedding.  It looked great, was great and I constantly joked with her when going to her stylist that she would cut it.  One day I thought she might change it back to being how I adored it once again.  That she did.  She surprised me one date night!  We met at a favorite spot, I walked in knowing she was already there.  As I looked about the crowd, one thing stood out.  Though I had dismissed that first “lady” i saw as not being my wife as I walked by I recognized her very familiar blue and orange kate spade purse.  So I turned around and realized it was her.  She cut it off, well most of it and it was that amazing short and sassy look i love.

Heather was sitting on the couch and i caught sight of the back of her hair and this necklace.  An interesting contrast, wavy, red hair and this monochrome shirt and necklace with repeating lines or rows.  Hold it, I told her.  Dont move…ran to get the canon!

She has amazing hair, I think.  The cut, the color (though not real) its my favorite just like this old time gangster movie that takes place in the bronx!