This year we had the pleasure of wishing our son a very happy, first birthday, left him with his Nana and Gaba and took off to Mountain Standard Time.  We chose a location neither of us had been to; thoughts along the lines of Montana, California, somewhere cozy and fun.  Sedona, Arizona is where we chose.  A direct flight to Phoenix and a beautiful drive a couple hours north we were there.  A sleepy, picturesque town carved into the red rock.  The combination of unfamiliar, to me, architecture, landscape and vegetation was a feast for the eyes.  Our room at the hotel was more of a condo, with a fireplace we utilized each and every day.  We ventured out for dinners, did various hiking trails, off roading on a jeep tour, walking around town…it was exactly what we needed.

Oliver’s birthday party and weekend was fantastic.  All the grandparents flew or drove in from many miles away.  Gave me great appreciation for the work that goes into party planning and execution.  Had great weather, a nice break from what is to be expected with the usual gloomy January.  Thank you to all that made the journey here and spent the weekend with us celebrating this amazing story that is our little boy.


Before Walking

Oliver is now eleven months, walking all over the house, the dogs and anything that is in his path.  It was great seeing Oliver with his cousin Bennett, who can walk and is three months his elder.  How he can learn and the curiosity of what else he can get into was great to watch.  This post is not about that since I am forever behind on images.

Getting ready for Christmas, having a lazy Saturday; Heather was on my computer and scrolling through images of Oliver she had not yet seen.  So here they are, these are back in September.  Merry Christmas everyone, God is good!


The Island

Barely mobile to full “on the move” in under a week.  A great week, wish we were back there now…Special visits from family.


The classic battle of our household involves the temperature.  The temperature inside the house, inside the car, what the weather is like outside determines who of the household will be inside or out.  Summer comes and fades into fall, my wife’s favorite time of the year.  Mine too, in a way, I admit.  Nothing better than a beautiful summer day and falling asleep to a cool breeze from the windows agar.

Getting out to the pumpkin patch to the first time I can recall since I was a child.  A bright, sunny and unseasonably warm day we walked around a farm looking at pumpkins, corn and people.

Christmas Cabin – Feb 2017

Quite a bit behind in editing and uploading pictures.  Thought I was current after my post just a short minute ago with April.  I entirely forgot about our family Christmas Kentucky Cabin trip as well as some others.  My mom and Jim came down for their introduction to Oliver, though I do not have many pictures.  February was a time for napping, all of us…A rare glimpse of pictures of me taken by my very talented sister-in-law Lizzy.  Thought we were going to use the pictures for a Christmas card but my lovely wife reminded me Oliver would be a year old at that point and we get to do pictures all over again – it was hard to hide my joy in that revelation.


April Showers

Our birthdays are both in April and nicer weather is always a welcome present.  This year we have the greatest gift from God and the changes we are seeing him go through is something else.  Oliver looks directly at you or objects, grabs for them and does not let go.  He has been smiling for some time but giggling now and with some regularity.  He runs minutes with his monologues, only wish I could decipher what he is saying.  He rolls on his side, ever so close to rolling over and uses me for balance but standing up.

Recently made a trip home to MA to meet his cousins and aunties.  That post will be coming next.  Oliver has been to KY, GA and MA…



Marching Along

I recently told someone, I had no reason to not take the word of those who told us this would happen.  And it is happening; time is marching along and he is growing and changing so very quickly.  I will have to start making posts more frequently as these images are from March and I still have February to edit…love every minute of it.





Oh Boy

I usually use my words and pictures (primarily pictures) to describe that which I see, the way it presents to me and share with you.  Some of these pictures truly make these memories and emotion rush back through my deepest heart and soul.  I am uncertain if my human words can describe that which I have experienced.  Some of you are already blessed to know what an incredibly mesmerizing journey parenthood is.  Well…we too a short time ago entered the fold and are among all of you now.   To fathom how there is another human being sitting in my arms today, when such a short time ago my beautiful and amazing wife held him in her belly is almost improbable.  But God is great and I will shout it until the day I die.  Similar emotions swept through me when my sisters, both my junior, brought children of their own into our world.  What an amazing experience to see them, my baby sisters, be mothers, parents, providers and problem solvers…My nieces and nephews, one of which we are God-parents to, are amazing and it is a gift seeing them learn and grow.  I did not truly know what it would be like but now do; I am honored.

This was the day, it happened though not as we planned it did, after all these years, I witnessed a miracle.  We did it, HE did it, Heather did it…we are so proud to introduce you to Oliver McDowell; my amazing family’s grandchild #8..




Boston Bound

As I edit these photos it makes me so unbelievably excited to be a parent.  The sheer excitement in my nieces’ eyes as they exit the candy store with their own bag of candy, each item picked out by hand.  I did not take my camera out too much this trip but most pictures were taken while making and eating breakfast together.  What breakfast does not consist of dancing, games, arts and crafts, etc…you know, the works.  It was a great to be home, reassuring to be surrounded by those that love us, Heather’s mom getting to walk around Cape Cod…just special.  Thank you.







Mother To Be

Spent an amazingly low key but yet super productive weekend at home with the mother of my son.  It is an amazing passage we are enduring, at times not seeming real.  It is real and we are very blessed.  Thank you God for all you do.